Bocce Ball court
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Putting greens are not the only activity that can be done in the comfort of one's own home! If you're seeking for a social, family-friendly yard game that you can easily install in your own backyard, a turf bocce ball court is the answer.


In Italy, the bocce ball took on its current shape. Its name is derived from the Italian word boccia, which literally translates as "to bowl." The game is played with eight different colored balls and one smaller ball referred to as the "pallino" or "jack," which can be divided between individuals or teams. Bocce ball is generally played on a 13-by-90-foot court.

How do you go about playing Bocce Ball?

For starters, each round of a match begins with a randomly selected team tossing the jack from one end of the field to the other. The objective is to go as close to the jack as possible with your colored bocce balls. The teams will alternate "bowling" toward the target with this in mind. -

Following the completion of all throws, it is time to compute points; however, only the team whose ball is closest to the jack is eligible to get points. The scoring team receives one point for each ball that is closer to the jack than the ball that is closer to the jack on the opposing team. However, if your ball comes into contact with the jack, you will receive an additional point. After that, it is the turn of the team that is furthest away from the jack to toss, and the bowling game resumes.

When a team scores the predetermined number of points, the game is declared over and the team is eliminated. Learn more about the bocce ball regulations so that you can have a good time playing with your friends and relatives.


In addition to clay and stone dust court surfaces, Bocce can also be played on grass or artificial surfaces such as concrete. We do, however, encourage the use of an artificial turf surface over the other options, which are all excellent. A few advantages include:

● The appearance of artificial turf is similar to that of natural turf.

● An artificial grass surface, in contrast to a natural surface such as clay or soil, requires little to no upkeep and does not require additional materials or rakes to keep a smooth surface.

● Due to the fact that the turf is level, the balls will have no trouble rolling. In general, the game's strategy is being improved through this process.

Installation of a TURF BOCCEE BALL COURT

Having a 90-foot court in your backyard may seem intimidating, but don't be concerned! This sport is fantastic since the size of the court can be customized to suit individual tastes! Make sure to follow these steps, no matter which size you choose:

1.Clean up the space around the chosen court by clearing it of all weeds and rubbish.

2.Using rocks, create a base layer and level it. A level court should be maintained by ensuring that there aren't any peaks or troughs. 

3.An alternative is to lay a concrete base layer on top of the existing foundation.

4. On top of the rock layer, lay down turf. It is recommended that you use  ProGreen PGA Augusta turf or K9 Deluxe turf.