How Do You Keep Artificial Grass Looking Good When You Have Dogs?

Synthetic lawn

Despite the fact that it is considerably easier to maintain, you may be unsure whether artificial grass is a choice for you if you have pets. After all, how can you keep artificial grass looking good when you have dogs who seem to poop all the time? You might be surprised by the response. In truth, artificial grass and dogs get along just fine.

Can Dogs Poop and Pee on Synthetic Grass?

Yes, dogs can urinate and poop on synthetic grass exactly like genuine grass. No need to scrub urine off your artificial grass! Like rainwater, it drains. In any case, you'll need to clean up any dog excrement that falls on the lawn. Cleaning up any feces mess requires a thorough hose-down.

Is Artificial Grass Jet Washable?

Is it possible to jet wash artificial grass? Even if you have pets, it might be costly. A good artificial turf cleaner usually does the job.

How to Deal with Pet Odor in Synthetic Grass 

The key is to deodorize the affected areas in order to eliminate the odor. To begin, hose down the affected area using a garden hose. After that, prepare a vinegar solution by mixing equal parts vinegar and water. Using this solution, saturate the area and then rinse with clean water.