Artificial Grass Edging Options


Synthetic lawn

When considering the overall installation process for artificial grass, it's critical to understand what edging is and why it's so important. An edging system for artificial grass serves as a restraint for the aggregates used in the groundwork as well as an anchoring point for the artificial grass's overall perimeter.

When installing an edging system for your grass, there are a number of factors to consider, including the environment, the purpose of the artificial lawn, and your budget. If you've reached this point in the artificial grass installation process, keep reading to learn about the various types of artificial grass edging options. Having a better understanding of the various types will assist you in achieving the desired and required perimeter.

Stones for Paving

This low-maintenance option retains its aesthetic appeal. Paving stones are long-lasting and attractive, and they can be used in a variety of situations.

Bark and wood chips

This option is for those who want a more natural appearance. However, because some people dislike the idea of wood chips or bark ending up in their yard, we recommend creating a solid edging line between the grass and the wood chips or bark.

Steel is a long-lasting, quick, and simple-to-install option that can be customized to fit your needs. Although it is more expensive, many people prefer this method to others.

Borders that can be bent

Bendable borders could be the answer if you're looking for a low-cost, long-lasting solution. They are not only affordable, but we also have them in stock in our warehouse and they can be found in most home improvement stores. Furthermore, the installation procedure is so simple that almost anyone can complete it.

Wood or Logs

This type of edging is best for artificial grass with a straight edge design, but it can also be used in other situations.


While this is a popular and visually appealing edging option, you must be certain that this is the path you want to take. Curbing is a long-term solution that will make it difficult to change the shape of your lawn or landscape.

Ties to the railroad

This popular option has been used by many over the years and can be used for landscaping and edging in the same way that paving stones can. Railroad ties can be cut to fit any space or area. Many people use them to build their lawn before installing artificial grass if it is necessary.